Monday, May 2, 2011

Comfort Foods

This should be post dated all the way back to the beginning of March, when we would have one unseasonably warm day, followed by snow the next.  I don't really deal with drastic swings in weather very well, and my default reaction to any sort of external stress is usually the same: Homemade Mac and Cheese.
My qualifications for a good homemade Mac and Cheese are few and straightforward: Cheese sauce the consistency of Elmer's glue and four cloves of garlic.

I'll say it again in case you didn't read me.


The same weekend, I got to hang out with Kyle and Kenny. Kyle made me some comfort food to take care of me after an unfortunate incident involving his dog and my hand.

Pork and Tomato Pot Pie and Potato Hash

I need to ask him for the recipe because it was perfect. Pork, tomato broth, noodles. It was warm and earthy and comforting. Kyle certainly knows how to take care of me.

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