Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Celebrate Our Weight Loss Successes through Pure, Unbridled Glutony

I'd like to begin this by saying that Krystal is amazing for having lost 60 pounds this year and I am SO PROUD OF HER.

And what better way to pat yourself on the back for months of self restraint than giving it a big old middle finger:
A modest beginning: we started off with white corn guac, and a little drink. Mai Tai and Malbec. Then things got serious.

Hawaiian, Chipotle Chicken, and Veggie with Japanese eggplant

What do you do when you can't decide between three different Pizza toppings? Order all three and pretend you're going to take one home for lunch the next day.
What do you do after that?

Tiramisu, of course.
And a couple of flavored coffees.

IMHO, the best was the Veggie (it has goat cheese on it too!), the crust was light and crispy, and it was loaded with toppings. But they all three were highly enjoyable. Tiramisu is probably my favorite dessert, and this one was rich but not overpowering, creamy and balanced. I only wish the cake had been soaked in coffee a little longer. And also Kahlua, because that's how I like to make it. 

This has been planned for a while. K has developed a talent for finding foods that are delicious and healthful, ways to be indulgent and not undo any hard work. One of our go-to quick dinners is frozen CPK white pizza. We can eat the whole thing and not feel badly about it at all. So when the California Pizza Kitchen opened in the Ross Park Mall, our interests were piqued. And it seemed like an appropriate venue for this momentous occasion. We dressed to the nines and made some delicious decisions.

We are fabulous.

K is, pretty obviously, a big part of my life. She is hilarious and dedicated and incredibly beautiful.  She is the good angel sitting on my shoulder offering me hummus and carrots. 

Congratulations to her on her great success, congratulations to both of us on our exquisite-ness.

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  1. She looks amazing!! You both do! Send her my best :)(Btw,I love the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza. Try it next time!)