Thursday, May 5, 2011


Feaster is my favorite holiday. Food, booze, friends. I need nothing else in my life.

Feaster was born last year when, as usual, I was without my family for a major family holiday. A bunch of favorites (Including Liz Short, when she was still near to me) came over for dinner on Easter Sunday and we played board games and drank champagne for several hours on my porch in Squirrel Hill. It was an amazing evening and I have been looking forward to repeating it for an entire year.  

So in my preparation for Feaster, I was trying to think of something to accomodate everyone's dietary needs (I think I mentioned previously that it is my dinner party goal to have something for everyone. An admirable goal, if I do say so myself.) But nothing in my usual recipe arsenal was really catching my attention. I know it sounds weird, but it came to me while watching an old episode of SNL, starring John Hamm and Michael Buble. I can't embed a decent video so I will link to it:

First I laughed hysterically, then I realized that Pork and champagne would make an amazing combination.

Hence:  Apple and Champagne Roasted Pork Shoulder.

Disclaimer: I am a giant goob. I completely erased my pictures of the finished product, the table spread, and my deliciously high piled Feaster plate. But somehow I saved a picture of the roasting process. Silly Bethy.

I had found a recipe for friend pork cutlets in a champagne apple sauce, which obviously was not what I was looking for, exactly, and had heavy cream in it which would have excluded the lactards. Instead I roasted the pork in apple juice and chicken stock, then shredded it and drown it in a champagne thyme sauce that I made up with smashed up champagne poached apples. 
I would relay the recipe, but I honestly have no idea what it is. Don't ask me how I did it. Because I all ready forgot.
We also had potato leek latkes, green beans, homemade bread and had more dessert options than was reasonable or decent. Anyone want to talk about their favorite part?


Pomegranate Mimosa

The weatherman called for rain, but luckily, it was freaking beautiful out and we sat on the porch for hours. I learned that I have great neighbors, and was reminded that I have great friends. Krystal, Zach & Kristin, Katie & Jessie, Thrill, Aaron, Gordon, etc. It was a beautiful day. <3

Thanks for coming to Feaster! Let's do it again next year.

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