Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My new job is going very well, Thank you for asking!

Seriously though. I started a new position in January, and it is turning into one of the best decisions that I have ever made ever in my entire life ever ever. A very truncated list of reasons why I love my job:
1. I'm good at my job.
2. I'm actually developing extra stomach muscles from laughing so much with the people I work with.
3. I don't have to talk to customers.

Pittsburgh Locavore

It is safe for you to assume that my self issued vegetarian challenge has failed by now.

It's worth noting that I don't generally like hot dogs. And I can't even really tell you what drew me to this place initially, most likely the clever word play in the name. But I make a point to go there at least once a week, to the point where the cashier probably thinks I'm 1) a stalker or 2) have food issues.
My standard is a locally farmed hot dog topped with cole slaw and smooshed pierogies. The textures are really complimentary, the cole slaw creamy and crunchy, the pierogies starchy and moist. It's a really great combination and does not fail to make me happy. If you find yourself downtown at lunch time, please check this place out. They have other things besides hot dogs, but I don't really care. 

There's also this delightful little detail in the window

Which reminds me of the line in this silly little number:

I kinda like the way you're making me tingle.

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