Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You're Welcome, Dewey

This was the greatest week of my life. This was, without a doubt, The Good Life.
There aren't really words to describe it, so I'll try to use as few as possible. Ready? 5 6 7 8.....

1. "When I came to, I was at an all-you can eat crab legs buffet, breaking them in half just to stay in the game" is the best story I have ever told.
2. The only mystery we can't solve is the Case of the Missing Jim Beam Handle.
4. Kenny's dare will always come with a costume and a dance number.
5. Pants Off Dance Off will include the entire condo complex, whether they like it or not.
6. Jersey Shore? More like Dewey Shore.
7. I'm no sailor, but that's a set-up if I've ever seen one.
8.We are good eaters.

Pasta Bolognaise, Crab Mac n Cheese, Boulliabaise, some of the best seafood any of us has ever eaten for Kenny's Birthday, Clam Steam, Sink Pie, Midnight Footlong  Hot Dogs, Grapefruit Crushes, Nachos which demanded to be serenaded to, Red Stripe, Crab Legs, Broiled Feasts, Bacon Ice Cream, Chocolate on the beach, Indian food for homecoming.

Dear Friends,
You are angels and drunks
You are Magi
Old Friends
You stuck a pin in a map I was in
And you are the stars I navigate home by
~Elbow "Dear Friends"

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