Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Benedict's Hers and Hers and His (and Hers)

This was a busy one.

Justin, a good friend from college, came to visit, and we ate ALL THE THINGS.

Justin was a bartender at the Firehouse, which was my bar of choice. He also happened to live down the street, and be a generally great human being. So we hit it off pretty well. We would spontaneously go to Princeton for a Ween show, or to Maryland to see our friends' percussion group play. 
 He's a very easy going person, and is generally willing to put up with whatever crazy shenanigans I subject him to, and this was no exception. I wanted to introduce him to as many of my fabulous friends as possible.

We started on Friday night with some Mendelfriends, Nathan and Dave. After an apertif at Kelly's Lounge, we headed to Abay, armed with two bottles of wine. 

I can't remember what we picked to eat, but half of it was Vegan and the other half was whatever the opposite of vegan is. 

The next day we walked to Brgr with Thrill
Which was perfection as usual.
(Side note: I finally had a hard milkshake from Brgr. And I may never be the same again.)
And he got to hear the now famous story of BA v. The Retaining Wall.

Later we went over to Shaira's for a Floor 30 dinner party, where a good number of things happened:

1. Shaira and her sister Ruby made tons of amazing food:
Stuffed Peppers, Spiced Chicken with Yogurt Sauce, Couscous, Smoked Salmon Crostinis, Grilled Peach and Brie Quesadillas. 
2. Lots of N'Sync videos on Youtube
3. Aidan gave us her very own Drunk History lesson where she covered everything from the Roman Empire, to the Salem Witch Trials, to Adolf History. I am still kicking myself for not filming this, as Aidan is the funniest person alive.
4. Jess and I were threatened with physical violence for not eating enough, even though we had both unbuttoned our pants at that point.

And finally, we brunched with K and her sister, who was also visiting. We went to the New Elbow Room, where all four of us ordered the exact same meal.

Crab and Asparagus Eggs Benedict
and Mimosas.

After which we watched My Fair Lady and The Odd Sea, the musical that Justin himself helped create.

No matter how long it is between visits, Justin always manages to make me feel like I'm home.  He has seen me at my best, and my worst. 
He's a good friend. And I'm happy to have him.

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