Monday, September 5, 2011

Things that are making me happy

This should be dated the weekend right after 4th of July. I was playing a game of Things That Are Making Me Happy, because I had a really really good weekend

1. Blueberry Picking with KP
and one beautiful pint of raspberries. Yum.
KP and I got up early on a somewhat dreary Saturday and drove to Sewickley to spend 2 hours picking our own berries. My freezer is now stuffed with blue goodness. I smell a pie in the hopefully not so distant future.

2. Waffle Brunch with KB and AJ
Waffles with oh so many toppings
Followed by a nap. YES.

3. Someone else feeding me one of my favorite meals

A special Saturday Edition of Family Dinner, Homemade Chicken Marsala
One of my favorite dishes, impeccably made by Papa KB

4. Hard Milkshakes and Harry Potter 7.2.2

Raspberry Creme Brulee Milkshake and Chicken Nachos
This was my first Burgatory experience, after an epic underestimation of its popularity earlier in the year. Worth. The. Wait.

And YES. I saw Harry Potter 7.2 twice.

5. Love

6. Babes in Shorts

Not verything that makes me happy has to be edible right?
Though it certainly helps. 

Another milestone weekend in the Delicious Summer Saga. Thanks everyone.

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