Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ton of Waffles Day

I am finally caught up with my DNY postings! This actually happened today!

When I have a Saturday off, I like to spend it experimenting with food. During the week, between my job and music rehearsals and everything, I rarely cook anything,relying on tups and takeout.  Cooking has become a therapeutic routine, and making up new recipes has become a way for me to be creative without any actual pressure. Usually to delicious results.
Inexplicably, I've been craving waffles. ALL. WEEK. So I declared this day "Ton of Waffles Day". I imagined heaps and heaps of delicious waffles overflowing from my kitchen.
Unfortunately, I'm not too great with improv sometimes.
I tried to make blueberry waffles. They were runny and gross. Banana Bread waffles were sticky and had no crust. Chocolate Waffles were a mess.
So flavored waffles are obviously not my forte. BUT:
Regular waffles, I'm great with. I'm also great with fried chicken. Hence, this delicious Saturday, I spent chowing on my very first attempt at Chicken and Waffles. I win.

And the coffee? Guatemala roasted by the good folks at the Gryphon. I had a cup while I was in Wayne last week and immediately said "I need to buy a pound of whatever I just drank. So after you go eat the best meal of your life at Teresa's stop at the Gryphon, which is right around the corner.

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