Thursday, March 3, 2011

Childish Indulgences

Revisiting a point I made in my last post, I have been having completely musically saturated weeks.

A very important thing to not about me: I do not deal with stress very well. And a lot of times, you can tell by the way I'm eating how stressed I am. To be more specific, I tend to eat like I'm a 12 year old whose parents left her money to feed herself for the weekend.

In the spirit of Delicious New Year, I tried very hard to make my childish stress binge actually delicious and not just indulgent in the junk food my healthy parents rarely let me have.

This brings me to my current happy place: Gourmet Popcorn

a couple of these places have popped up (hah!) around town and I finally got to check one out thanks to my friend Jess. Now I'm just completely enamored by popcorn smothered in outrageous flavors.

 Chipotle Cheddar Popcorn
 This was dinner one evening before rehearsal. And also several snacks at work thereafter.

Was this the most nutritious option available to me? Absolutely not
Was it delicious and sufficiently juvenile (yet still somehow refined)? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Thursday the 17th was Music of the Spirit concert, and the weather was gorgeous. It was that little Pittsburgh spring teaser that happens every year that makes you think the worst of it is over, but always ends in heartbreak when a ridiculous snowstorm follows about a week later, and you feel that utter despair of never being able to escape the bitter bitter cold.

WHOA, sorry....  Where was I?

Oh yes.

Beautiful weather deserves a beautiful dinner

Razzy Fresh Plain Yogurt with Oreos, Blackberries, and Strawberries

Tart frozen yogurt, sweet berries, crunchy oreos. A grown up version of gorging myself on ice cream. YUM.

Both of these "meals" made me unrealistically happy. And I tried to pin down exactly why that was the case. I love to cook, and, obviously, have not been able to do so recently. But surprisingly I'm not disliking it as much as I have in the past. and I think DNY has a lot to do with that shift. Instead of just eating whatever because I need to eat SOMETHING, I've made a conscious effort to eat something that actually MEANS something. Whether that something is just a little twist on something I've had a thousand times before.
So now, instead of just some stupid food that I ate before rehearsal one night when I felt completely overwhlemed, this is an actual legitimate memory. Something I can look back on fondly, smiling to myself that I've not actually become a grown up, but I'm not really a child any more. I can take care of myself, but in whatever way I choose to.

Also, sometimes the littlest things are just so delicious.

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